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Have you ever thought that your great great grand parents could of been a evacuee?
Every evacuee has to carry a gas mask box. They have to wear it at all times.
When they got evacuated they had to where a label so they would know who they are.
Teachers, Pregnant women, mothers with younger children and children were allowed to be evacuated.
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Evacuees have care boxes to make it feel more at home at their new places. For rich people they might have put their belongings(including clothes) in a suitcase. Poor people would have had to put it into a bin bag or paper bag. Even poorer people would have had to carry everything without a bag. They wouldn’t have been able to carry much on the train ride.


At their new places they didn’t get more or less rations. If they forgot to bring their ration books they didn’t get as much food as other kids. They also got rations for fuel and vouchers for thing when they needed more. After the war the ration books were no longer use able. To us the driving licences looked like ration books and we asked what they were.