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Well done to everyone that took part in our Race for Life event to raise money for Cancer Research. Please remember to bring sponsor money into school at the start of term 6.

Reception (EYFS) - Willow Class

This week we have been looking at capacity and then ordering the amounts from least to most.

We had a visit from the Police who let us sit in the car and turn on the slights and the siren, what great fun!

We have been practising our reading and writing skills by making up alien names (nonsense words) and then writing a little description, using phonics to help us.

We have been learning about division by sharing things out.  We used the story of 'The Rainbow Fish' to help us.  This also taught us about being kind and sharing with each other.

We thought about our class mates, we wrote what we liked about one of our friends and made a shiny scale to go on display with our writing.  

In our outdoor learning we made spring crowns using some of the natural objects we found on the school field.  We then made a welly picture frame to have a class photograph taken.  Cheese!!!

Our week

Curriculum letter for Term 5

Feely caves and being a mechanic!

Pond camera fun!

Pond camera fun! 1 We used the camera-Verity
Pond camera fun! 2 We saw eggs-Ramaya
Pond camera fun! 3 They were sitting nicely-Rose
Pond camera fun! 4 The black bits will be tadpoles-Ava
Pond camera fun! 5 It looks like there is green hair-Liam
Pond camera fun! 6 Lots of frog eggs-Markus
Pond camera fun! 7 It looks blue on screen-Lena
Pond camera fun! 8 Tadpoles grow legs and tails-Logan

Look at our photos below to see how busy we have been!


This week we have been having fun with the story of Spider Sandwiches, even making our own spider shaped sandwiches! We also came up with ‘yucky, mucky’ sandwich ideas! Mmmmm rice crispy brains, eye ball jelly and slug sauce sound amazing!!!


We went on our mini Welly Walk around the school field, collecting lots of different items to help us make a mini-beast habitat.  We found a real worm to make a home for!


In Maths, we collected data using tally charts and then a pictogram. We carried out lots of different surveys, finding out eye colours, favourite sandwiches and ages. We then used the information we had recorded to answer some questions like ‘which sandwich filling was the favourite?’ Jam!


We have carried on developing our writing skills by doing ‘Funky Fingers’, we changed our activities and our music this week.  We have also had fun making silly sentences and laughing about them. 'The tiger visited the school in at lunchtime.' Now that would be silly! Or scary!

Homework, a hard copy will come home tomorrow.

Homework, a hard copy will come home tomorrow. 1

Look at our photos below to see how busy we have been!


This week we have been learning lots about mini-beasts!

We went on a mini Welly Walk around the school field, collecting nature things to help us to design a garden and make a spring picture.

In Maths, we have been learning to find one more and one less using objects, some of us have been ‘have a go heroes’ and went even further by adding two single digit numbers together or taking them away from each other. We also applied some of our previous learning by making a Super worm and measuring how long it is!

We have developing our writing skills by doing ‘Funky Fingers’, these are exercises that strengthen our muscles in our fingers and hands to help us to write our letters and numbers, it’s great fun too!!!! We especially love ‘Dough Disco’ and ‘Balloon Tennis’.

You can see how much better our writing is getting, we even have a Star Writer each day!!

Medium term plan and Curriculum newsletter

Number formation

Term 3 was very busy in Willow Class!


In maths we have been looking at repeating patterns; we continued some patterns and then created our own repeating pattern for our partner find and continue.  We have been learning how to measure using all sorts of objects, from our feet to Unifix cubes.  We then moved on to using real measuring tools, such as a balance scale and tape measures.  We have been keeping a record of how our heights have been changing since we started school using our height chart in the classroom.  We all have grown!!  We carried on measuring when we went on our welly walk by looking for things that were taller than us and things that were shorter.  We had the most fun climbing up and in and out of trees!


We learnt about different traditions this term, especially how New Year is celebrated.  We made our own New Year resolutions by thinking about something we would like to get better at in the coming year.  We looked at how New year is celebrated in different countries and spent a week learning about Chinese New Year.  We made up our own dragon dances, wrote good luck notes using the Chinese alphabet and we made lanterns, using chopsticks (this is really tricky) and even learned to count to 5 in Chinese.

We celebrated a birthday Mexican style with a piñata.  We had to make sure we all stood well back, as Willow Class tried to break the candy treats free!





Sparkles adventures

Look what came in the post!!

Look what came in the post!! 1

Do you think Sparkles has a favourite movie? I wonder what it is?

Do you think Sparkles has a favourite movie? I wonder what it is? 1

Who's been naughty or nice?

Who's been naughty or nice? 1
Everyone one in Willow class had been ... NICE!!!

We have a visitor...!?!?

We have a visitor...!?!? 1

This week we have been using the ice for forming letters and for shape recognition!  

In the class room we have begun to look at measurement and we've been comparing lengths and ordering objects shortest to tallest.


We have been busy rehearsing for the Nativity play next week by learning new songs and making our head dresses to go with our costumes  


We got very excited when we realised that it will be December this week!!!!!



This week in Willow class we have been investigating shadows and ice!!


We discovered that if you draw around an object's shadow it looks very different!  We also found out that if you hold on to ice your warm hands will melt it.  We talked about how ice starts off as water and can be changed back into water again! The children thought about changes that could not be changed back again:


       - "once bread has been toasted you can't turn it back into bread again" Markus.


We then tried to think of something else that could be changed back:


       - "we can fold up paper and then unfold it again" Freya


Our superhero helpers have been showing superhero poses this week!

Welcome back to school and to Term 2.


So far this term…


We have been sharing our ‘Holiday news’ in Literacy and we have begun to write sentence to go with the pictures that we drew of the favourite part of the holidays.   We have been improving our speaking and our listening skills by sharing Show and Tell objects from home.


In Maths we have begun to look at flat 2d shapes and solid 3d shapes.  We can use mathematical words to describe some of the!!


In phonics we have been on a sound hunt matching objects to the sound they begin with.


We had a wonderful time creating a firework sky – it was such fun but fantastically messy, so we made sure we were creative outside.


There are lots of photos for you to enjoy below.


Wow! We’ve had a busy few weeks in Willow Class!!!

Take a look at the photograph’s below.

We have been learning how to read words using phonics. 

We have been practising counting and ordering numbers using a number washing line and a caterpillar floor puzzle for the outdoor area.

We have had great fun remembering stories using story making; using actions to help us remember and singing songs in preparation for our Harvest assembly soon.

Our photograph should be in the Gazette and Herald on Thursday, as part of the first day at school article.

Welcome to Willow Class!

We are Willow Class!!!!

We are Willow Class!!!! 1