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Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 14th December - £1 donation to Save the Children.

Reception (EYFS) - Willow Class

Week 5


We have been learning...

Our Nativity play is happening next week! Thank you to everyone for organising costumes, we know the children will look amazing.

In maths, we are now learning about more and fewer, comparing two groups of objects, and saying what is one more than.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to make Learn Alongside this week, the children love sharing their learning with you, and you were amazing at tidying the classroom!

We have been writing letters to Father Christmas, it was wonderful to hear the children talk about how they have been kind and helpful, and to hear the special presents they would like from Santa. Unicorns featured often, cuddly ones, ride-along ones, and sparkly ones, plus racing cars, racing tracks, and lots of dinosaurs in all different colours! We've sent the letters to Santa at the North Pole (Post Office), and hopefully he will write back directly to the children. We will send home copies of their letters on Friday.


Star of the Day

This week, our stars on the special chair included: Will; Ellie; Cleo; Chloe; and Daniel.

Week 4


We have been learning...

We have been practising our Nativity play up on the stage, the children's singing is amazing!

We made Christmas baubles to hang on the Christmas tree in St James' church.

In maths, we have been working on number recognition (especially numbers 0 to 5), ordering numbers 0 to 5, and writing numbers.


Star of the Day

This week, our stars on the special chair included: Rosie-Mae; Jessica; Leo; Charlie; and Troy.

Week 3


We have been learning...

In maths, we learnt some of the coins we use in everyday life. Then focused on counting out 1p coins to make different amounts up to 10p. The children enjoyed playing shops and spending their money.

We drew story maps to retell the story of Elmer.

We got to know The Volcano music and dance really well this week, we also really enjoyed using the crayons to make pictures of volcanos using large arm movements. There is more information about Write Dance in our December newsletter.

On Friday we enjoyed Pantomime Robin Hood.


Star of the Day

This week, our stars on the special chair included: Blake; Maddie; Emily S; Ayla; and Noemi.

Week 2


We have been learning about...

During anti-bullying week, we discussed what it means to be a good friend, and what an unkind person might do.

We began learning songs for our Nativity play.

We began using the Write Dance resources for The Volcano story (there is more information about Write Dance in our December newsletter).


Star of the Day

This week, our stars on the special chair included: Thomas; John-James; Austin; and Caspar.

Week 1


We have been learning about…

2D shapes: circles; squares; triangles; and rectangles. We have been discussing what makes a triangle a triangle, and how we know a circle is a circle.

We have shared and talked about the story of Elmer, and read one of our Phonics Bug books, Get a Pet!

There are some beautiful fireworks pictures on display…


Star of the Day

A new responsibility for our Star of the Day, is to be a special helper working our new touch screen TV. This week the stars have been: Keira; Darcy; Lottie; and Emily M.

Term 2 - How do we celebrate?

Welcome back!

Please have a look at our homework page, for ideas on how to use your Phonics scrap book, and our November newsletter will soon be found on the newsletter page.

We have made a start on our new topic this week. We have talked about celebrations, and the children recorded their thoughts about celebrations as pictures, they then asked a friend how they like to celebrate. The first seasonal celebration we have thought about in class, is Bonfire Night, and the children reflected on their experiences by creating twisty fireworks with pipe-cleaners, and beautiful firework pictures with colour and glitter. We are all enjoying the new role-play areas, Willow Class Cafe and the Dressing Up Room.

Our newsletter will contain more detail about things happening this term...

What makes me special? TOPIC celebration afternoon...

Phonics Workshop September 2018

Week 6

We have been learning and practising the sounds o c and k. The children's phonics scrapbooks are looking amazing, and we are enjoying talking to the children about the pictures they have pasted or drawn in.

Please return the Phonics Scrapbooks back to school by Thursday of each week, for the next week’s sounds to go in.


We have also been learning to…

Make sounds using a range of percussion instruments. At times children have been making up songs, dancing, and singing well-known songs together whilst they play! We have also been enjoying our new mud kitchen. Finding worms, seeds, bulbs, and exploring what happens to the soil when water is added!


Star of the Day

This week, our stars have included: Jessica; Leo; ...

Week 5 in Willow Class

We have been learning and practising the sounds m d and g. Please help your child to learn these sounds from memory, by practising them using their Phonics Scrapbooks.

Please return the Phonics Scrapbooks back to school by Thursday of each week, for the next week’s sounds to go in.


We have also been learning to…

Explore water, how it moves and how it moves things along. Several children have been showing how they use scissors at our cutting and sticking table. In maths, we have been recognising numbers, and beginning to represent numbers using our fingers. In literacy, we have been exploring the Bluebell poem from the book of Lost Words, talking about colours and how we mix colours to make shades of blue and purple. In PE, we were exploring different ways to handle and move a large ball, including kicking, throwing, catching, bouncing, and rolling.


Star of the Day

This week, our stars have included: Maddie; Emily S; Ayla; Noemi; and Rosie-Mae.

Week 4 in Willow Class...

In class this week we have been practising the sounds we have learnt so far, s a t p i n. We have also been beginning to learn about sounding-out and blending to read words. Blending is a very tricky skill to master, so when practising at home just have a go but don’t worry if your child is not yet confident with this.

Please return the Phonics Scrapbooks back to school by Thursday of each week, for the next week’s sounds to go in.


We have also been learning to…

Name 2D shapes, like triangles, squares, rectangles and circles. Some children have used shapes to print patterns, or have drawn round shapes to make repeating patterns.

Star of the Day

This week, our stars have included: John-James; Austin; Caspar; and Blake. Children are also learning to take responsibility for special jobs, like going to the office to check the register bag for letters. We have been amazed by how confidently Willow class children are learning to find their way around school, they are becoming independent learners very quickly!

Fire Safety Officer Visit

The Little Red Hen - Storymap

The Little Red Hen - Storymap 1

Today everyone in Willow class joined in family worship. The children have settled in to all the school routines so brilliantly, we are already very proud of them.


We have started to learn our first few letter sounds in phonics, and we have sent home a phonics scrapbook, so that children can practise saying the sounds with parents at home. If they would like to, children could draw pictures of things that begin with the letter sound. We look forward to seeing you at our Phonics and Reading workshop on Tuesday.


We have also been singing our favourite nursery songs and rhymes. These have included: The Wheels on the Bus; One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught…; Five Little Ducks; and Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. 

We have been learning to tell the story of The Little Red Hen. Our story map is shown above in the photo, you could ask your child to try and tell you the story at home. We are amazed by how quickly the children have learnt this story, there are some good sound effects! 


Star of the Day 

Everyday, a different person is chosen to sit on our special chair, and be the Star of the Day. Each Star of the Day gets to change the class calendar and lead our discussion about the weather. So far this term, our stars have been: Will; Ellie; Cleo; Chloe; Daniel; Ella; Loki; Theo; Keira; Darcy; Lottie; Emily M; and Thomas.


We will have our first PE lesson next week, on Thursday.

We hope the children are not too tired after a busy week and that you all have a lovely weekend. See you on Monday!

2018 - 2019

Welcome to Willow Class 2018!

Please take a look at our newsletter for September, and our topic maps which outline the year ahead.

2017 - 2018

Welcome back to Term 5 in Willow class.  we have already had an exciting week.  Today has been the best though!  Not only did we go on our Welly Walk, thank you to everyone who came to help, but we also have some new members of the class for a while.

In phonics we have been making up alien names by using randomly selecting sound cards and blending chosen sounds together to read the sometimes bizarre words!!!


In Maths we have continued to add 2 groups together, using objects from the counting buffet to help us and have begun to look at numbers to 5, 6 and then 10.


We have begun to look at the Easter story and have been acting out 'The Last Supper' in our role play area.  We are going to be creating an Easter garden in the outdoor area, so if you have any small twigs, moss and pebbles we could use we would be very grateful. Please let us know if you can help.

In English we have been retelling the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'.  We have been able to use our phonics to help us to write words and simple sentences.


In Maths we have been looking at adding 2 groups together and finding out the total. Some of us were able to record this as a number sentence.

Internet safety day 6th February 2018

Number formation