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End of term is Friday 5th April. Back to school Tuesday 23rd April 2019


Term 5 Spellings

Term 5: Week 1 Spellings

Science, crescent, discipline, fascinate, scent, scissors, ascent, descent, scientist, scenery


Term 5: Week 2 Spellings

Centre, century, certain, recent, experience, sentence, notice, celebrate, ceremony, certificate


Term 5: Week 3 Spellings

Circle, decide, medicine, exercise, special, cinema, decimal, accident, city, citizen


Term 5: Week 4 Spellings

Phone, phonics, microphone, telephone, homophone, real, reality, realistic, unreal, realisation


Term 5: Week 5 Spellings

Solve, solution, insoluble, dissolve, solvent, sign, signature, assign, design, signal

Term 4 Spellings

Week 1 Spellings

Accept, Except, Affect, Effect, aloud, allowed, weather, whether, whose and who’s.


Week 2 Spellings

Cereal, serial, check, cheque, through, threw, draft, draught, stares, stairs.


Spelling List week 3

Information, adoration, sensation, preparation, education, location, exaggeration, concentration, imagination, organisation.


Spelling list week 4

Creation, radiation, indication, ventilation, relegation, dedication, demonstration, abbreviation, translation.


Spelling list Week 5

Submerge, subheading, submarine, subordinate, subway, superman, supervise, supersede, superpower.


Spelling List Week 6

girls’, boys’, babies’, parents’, teachers’, women’s, men’s, children’s, people’s, mice’s.



Term 3 Spellings

Week 1: w/c. 07.01.19

expansion, extension, comprehension, tension, corrosion, supervision, fusion, conclusion, persuasion, suspension


Week 2: w/c. 14.01.19

expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, transmission, possession, profession, depression, impression


Week 3: w/c. 21.01.19

invention, injection, action,  question, mention, attraction, translation, devotion, position, solution


Week 4: w/c 28.01.19

musician, politician, electrician, magician, mathematician, dietician, statistician, technician, clinician, beautician


Week 5: w/c. 04.02.19

though, although, dough, through, breakthrough, thought, bought, brought, fought, ought


Week 6: w/c. 11.02.19

Interest, experiment, potatoes, favourite, imagine, material, promise, opposite, minute, increase