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Women's impact during the war

Women had long been seen as stay at home mothers before World War Two and only that. The stereotypical, perfect family had the father that brought home the bacon each day during the week and the mother who raised their children. The fact of the matter is, women always worked outside the house but it just wasn’t glorified as much. These women were usually in the lower class or the minority and many men did not have the best attitude toward them. A male could better suit their jobs, the men believed. During WWII all of this changed and a revolution in the work force was eventually seen. Numbers of women working outside the home rose exponentially and they thought they were there to stay. Women also played a large role in the military, which had never been seen before. Gender roles had changed in the modern world; women throughout the nation made a huge impact on the Second World War efforts. It was one of mankind’s greatest wars and affected millions of people. The depression in Europe has been theorized to be the catalyst for WWII, along with the outcomes of WWI. Never before in a war was there this much damage caused, lives lost, or money spent. Over 55 million people were killed during the six-year war. but started to increase their production of wartime supplies. The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese brought the U.S. into the war for the Allies and a large amount of patriotism rose. A total of 16.1 million Americans served in the devastating war and many more lives were affected back home.