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Reminder: Sports Day on Mondy 25th June and Healthy Body Healthy Mind Day on Friday 29th June.

Year 5 - Sycamore Class

During Term 4, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Devizes School and participate in a Science Day. They also had a Victorian experience in Sevington School. They were nearly quiet for the whole day!

Class Trip to Sevington

Class Trip to Sevington 1
Class Trip to Sevington 2
Class Trip to Sevington 3
Class Trip to Sevington 4
Class Trip to Sevington 5

Year 5's Science Day

Year 5's Science Day 1
Year 5's Science Day 2
Year 5's Science Day 3

Sycamore Class 2017-18

Homework term two



Many of the children completed PowerPoint forces quizzes for their homework to share. Other children made their Roman shields- they were very impressive!

Roman Shields

PHSE- We have focussed on Anti-bullying

PHSE- We have focussed on Anti-bullying 1
PHSE- We have focussed on Anti-bullying 2

Harvest Poem

Harvest Poem 1
Harvest Poem 2
Harvest Poem 3

Sycamore Class 2016-2017

Curriculum Overview for Term 6

Math's Week


During math's week, we applied our math's skills in a cross-curricular approached. Here is a list of some of the things we got up to:

*   Create timelines in science: 

*   Went orienteering for our PE lesson: and

*   Attempted Sissa's Reward.


Orienteering Fun!

Last week, we all went to Devizes School for fun and games with orienteering. The children were placed in groups of 2 or 3 and had to find their individual routes. To check their times, they used an electronic tag to check- in at different posts.

We had an amazing trip to the Roman Baths! There was so much to do during the workshop and tour.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Last week we went to Pizza Express and we got to make our own pizzas!
Picture 1

Last week, we went to Devizes School for a science event. Children demonstrated a range of scientific investigations and we won a certificate!


All the children's behaviour was impeccable! They represented the school beautifully. 

During week 4 of term 4, the children have been presenting book reviews to the class. Have a look at some of the PowerPoints that children made to support their presentations.

Term 4 Curriculum Overview

Our poppy for Armistice day

Our poppy for Armistice day 1

Here are some of our Mayan Masks

Here are some of our Mayan Masks 1
Here are some of our Mayan Masks 2
Here are some of our Mayan Masks 3
Here are some of our Mayan Masks 4
Here are some of our Mayan Masks 5
Here are some of our Mayan Masks 6
Here are some of our Mayan Masks 7

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival 1
Harvest Festival 2
Harvest Festival 3
Harvest Festival 4
Harvest Festival 5
Harvest Festival 6
Harvest Festival 7
Harvest Festival 8

What a super start for Sycamore!


I am really pleased with the mature approach sycamore have had to returning to school this term. All the children have settled in well and are working hard towards the expectations of year five.



During maths this term we have been focusing on place value, time and shape. The children have been using lots of reasoning skills to be able to solve problems related to their learning. I am really impressed with the brilliant mathematicians within the class!




This term has been filled with lots of fantastic learning for sycamore class. The children have been busy getting involved in our topic of the Mayans. They have written fantastic fantasy stories about going into a household appliance and suddenly finding themselves in a Mayan village. They have also been working on a great Mayan dance. The dance is  focusing on Mayan villagers going down to the water. The children have been busy in art making masks to wear for their dance.


We hope to be able to share our Mayan Mania with you very soon!


Miss Storton