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Year 5 - Sycamore Class

2018 - 2019

Welcome back to school after our half term break!


We have already been busy in class this term and we are only in week 2.

As part of our T4W (talk for writing) we have been writing recount texts and in Math we have been focusing on statistics.

Our topic this term has changed slightly and we are now focusing on learning about human and physical geography along with biomes of the world.

A few things have changed in class too- the children were earning WOW slips last term for good learning behaviors. This meant the children earnt 2 house point and a marble for the jar each time they got one of these. This term, we are continuing the WOW slips, but the children have the opportunity to nominate each other for the WOW slips. We are also keeping track of who earns WOW cards and when the children have earnt 8 of these, they will be given the opportunity to choose a prize from the class prize box.


Term 2 is always a busy term and we have a number of events coming up that are detailed within the school newsletter. We are starting off with parents evenings next week (Tuesday with Mrs. Spencer and Wednesday with myself). We are looking forward to having the opportunity to catch up with many of you to share the successes of your children. If you do not have an appointment and would like one. Please contact us before Tuesday 20th November.


Homework sheets have now been sent home. These can be found online if you have misplaced them or we have additional copies in class.


If you have any further questions about our learning this term or anything else. Please feel free to contact myself or Mrs. Spencer.

The Roman Baths 15/11/2018

The Roman Baths 15/11/2018 1 The thermae springs provided a source of water.
The Roman Baths 15/11/2018 2
The Roman Baths 15/11/2018 3 We took part in 3 workshops.
The Roman Baths 15/11/2018 4
The Roman Baths 15/11/2018 5 Our fabulous togas!

It's been a busy start to the year so far in Sycamore Class. In French, the children have been learning the parts of the body and are going to be role playing 'at the doctors' this week.


We have started to look at what makes an effective webpage in Computing lessons and have made a list of features we want to include on our Roman websites.


In Science we have been learning about reproduction in plants and will start to investigate ways some plants can reproduce next week.


In PE lessons we have been perfecting our batting, bowling and throwing skills. The children have been throwing at targets and practising different types of catches, as well as batting using rounders bats. Today we had our first rounders match which the children really enjoyed. Next week we will be focusing more on improving our fielding skills.


This week we have been thinking about inventors and inventions that have changed the world. The children have had the opportunity to design an invention that will be entered into a competition. Look out for your child's application form which will be coming home this week!


Mrs Spencer




We have been busy learning about rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and even 100000 this term. We have been investigating using different resources to help our calculations. Numberlines are a useful way of establishing whether or not we round numbers up or down. I have included a link to a video that briefly explains some of the rounding methods we have been using in class. Challenge your child to have a go at rounding some numbers if you have a spare 5 minutes!


In literacy we have been writing persuasive texts. Children have been using persuasive features such as: alliteration, power of 3, hyperbole, rhetorical questions and imperative commands! They have been working on a piece of writing that is designed to persuade you to visit Rome... apologies in advance for any holiday requests!


Mrs Boud


Sycamore Class 2017-18

Class Trip to Sevington

Class Trip to Sevington 1
Class Trip to Sevington 2
Class Trip to Sevington 3
Class Trip to Sevington 4
Class Trip to Sevington 5

Roman Shields

PHSE- We have focussed on Anti-bullying

PHSE- We have focussed on Anti-bullying 1
PHSE- We have focussed on Anti-bullying 2