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We try our hardest in all we do.


We treat others how we would like to be treated.


We are fair.


We treat everyone with kindness.


We are brave in the face of new challenges.


We listen and forgive each other in order to move forward.

Reception (EYFS) - Willow Class

2019 - 2020

Welcome back to term 4, please see the class newsletters and topic map below...

Our superhero topic has been amazing... some of our work can be seen in the following photos...

  • exploring ice
  • super maths
  • super storytelling
  • gymnastics
  • a superhero obstacle course
  • Supertato to the rescue!

Christmas activities in Willow class...

  • making toys to give as gifts
  • wrapping presents and writing gift tags
  • role-playing as post office workers delivering letters and parcels
  • making Christmas cards for people we care about
  • writing letters to Santa
  • decorating the Christmas tree

When we are not rehearsing for our Nativity play, we are looking after 'Baby Jesus' in class, and dressing up as sheep, shepherds, angels, kings and Mary.

Star is one of Santa's Elf helpers and he has been visiting our classroom and writing letters to the children. On Thursday the children wrote to Santa to ask for a special Christmas gift. On Friday they painted pictures of the Northern Lights for Santa, because he is working so hard he hasn't got time to see them this year.

Christmas has come to Willow class...

Enjoying the very very muddy mud kitchen...

Polar animals created from plasticine...

Polar animals created from plasticine... 1

Exploring frozen water...

Building igloo homes for the polar animals...

Exploring the local area, looking for signs of autumn and climbing!

Fire Safety Visit

We enjoyed a fantastic visit from a Fire Safety Officer today!


  • We learnt about what sort of people become fire-fighters, they need to exercise regularly, eat healthily, and care for other people.
  • We listened to the story of Frances the Firefly to learn about how to keep safe around matches.
  • The children loved the small world houses, people and story. They talked about how the fire started, using their knowledge of cooking, and how best to react if there is a fire in your home. They were concerned about the safety of the pets.
  • We dressed up as fire fighters and a fire engine and acted out crawling low through the smoke of a fire.
  • The children have a sticker, a pencil, and a certificate to take home, with a questionnaire to fill in with their families.

Welcome to Willow Class!

We've enjoyed the first few days at school and we're all getting to know eachother, the children have already started making friends and this is wonderful to see. Please have a read of our class newsletter for more information.

2018 - 2019

All 10 of our caterpillars emerged from their cocoons and today we took them out to the flowers...

We were so excited to be able to go and visit the baby ducks on the day they hatched!

We found out that the caterpillars are hairy to discourage birds from eating them!

Our caterpillars are very, very hungry!

We've been thinking about how much the children have grown this year! Everyone enjoyed bringing their toys into school for a special treat.