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The Trinity

CofE Primary Academy

With faith we live, learn and grow together


We try our hardest in all we do.


We treat others how we would like to be treated.


We are fair.


We treat everyone with kindness.


We are brave in the face of new challenges.


We listen and forgive each other in order to move forward.


Spellings Term 1


Week 1: Aggressive, hostile, awkward, obstinate, desperate, frantic, disastrous, calamitous, marvellous, spectacular

Week 2: Advice, advise, device, devise, licence, license, practice, practise, prophecy, prophesy

Week 3: Observant, observance, expectant, expectancy, hesitant, hesitancy, tolerant, tolerance, relevant, relevance

Week 4: Innocent, innocence, decent, decency, excellent, excellence, confident, confidence, existent

Week 5: Co-operate, co-ordinate, co-own, co-author, re-enter, re-educate, re-examine, re-evaluate, re-energise, re-elect

Week 6: Man-eating, little-used, rock-bottom, wide-eyed, pig-headed, tight-fisted, cold-hearted, stone-faced, green-eyed, short-tempered

Spellings Term 2

Week 1 - Applicable,Tolerable, Operable, Considerable, Dependable, Comfortable, Reasonable, Perishable, Breakable.

Week 2 Adorable, Valuable, Advisable, Believable, Desirable, Excitable, Knowledgeable, Likeable, Changeable & Noticeable. 

Week 3 - Adorably, Valuably, Believably, Considerably, Tolerably, Changeably, Noticeable, Dependably, Comfortably & Reasonably.

Week 4

Temperature, Temper, Temperament, Tempered, Variety, Vary, Variation, Varied, Variable & Variance. 

Week 5

- Suggest, Digest, Congestion, Gesture, Gestation, Lightning, Daylight, Enlighten, Twilight & Limelight. 

Week 6 - Minibus, Miniskirt, Minicam, Minibeast, Minicab, Minimum, Microscope, Microchip, Microphone & Microwave. 

Spellings Term 3

Week 1: Referring, referred, referral, reference, referee, preferring, preferred, preference, transferring, transference.

Week 2: Siege, niece, grief, chief, fiend, shriek, believe, achieve, convenience, mischievous.

Week 3: Deceive, conceive, receive, perceive, ceiling, receipt, protein, caffeine, seize, neither.

Week 4: Commit, committee, transmit, submit, commitment, emit, permit, intermittent, omit, unremitting.

Week 5: Interrupt, interfere, intercept, interject, intertwine, interim, internal, intersperse, interloper, interest.

Week 6: Attached, available, average, competition, conscience, controversy, correspond, embarrass, especially, exaggerate.


Spellings Term 4

Week 1Official, special, artificial, social, racial, crucial, facial, beneficial, superficial

& antisocial.

Week 2: Partial, confidential, essential, substantial, torrential, sequential, potential, spatial, martial & influential.

Week 3: Cemetery, certificate, celebrate, necessary, deceased, December, sacrifice, hindrance, nuisance & prejudice.

Week 4: Accommodate, accompany, access, accuse, accost, accrue, accuracy, accomplish, accumulate, accentuate.

Week 5: Signature, assign, design, designate, significant, resignation, resign, insignificant, assignment & signal.

Spellings Term 5

Week 1: Programme, telegram, hologram, diagram, grammar, grammatical, parallelogram, monogram, programmer, program.

Week 2: Challenge, damage, broadcast, benefit, charge, function, influence, interest, object, protest.

Week 3: Produce, present, reason, silence, support, transport, surprise, scratch, freeze, balance.

Week 4: Shoulder, smoulder, mould, poultry, soul, shallow, window, blown, know, thrown.

Week 5: Possible, horrible, terrible, visible, incredible, sensible, forcible, legible, responsible, reversible.

Week 6: Possibly, horribly, terribly, visibly, incredibly, sensibly, forcibly, legibly, responsibly and reversibly.