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Talk 4 Writing

Why Talk 4 Writing?

We use 'Talk for Writing' in KS1 to further support the quality and depth of writing our children are producing as well to provide children with more opportunities for extended writing across a wide range of genres.Talk for writing is an approach that involves lots of active learning. The idea of talk for writing stems from research that recommends you can’t write a story until you can verbally tell a story. The process takes every child back to verbally telling stories with actions to help prepare them for writing.


What does it look like?

The way this is done is that each module is split into three sections: Imitation, Innovation and Invention .

Example of what this looks like for narrative: 


The imitation for fiction writing lasts roughly a week and during this week we re-tell and learn the story off by heart using actions and pictures.


The Innovation phase involves changing or adapting the story. Firstly, you complete a class innovation, which we re-tell and write as a whole class. Then the children innovate their own story maps and re-tell their new story verbally, leading to writing.


The invention phase allows the children a final opportunity to plan, re-tell and write their own story. They can use all the features they have been taught over the last few weeks but can now use their own characters, plot and setting.


How can you help at home?

You could retell the story, together using the story map. 

Read a variety of texts with your child, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Ask your child to teach you the actions that go with the story.

Discuss your child’s book with them thinking about their thoughts and feelings towards the texts.


Take a look at the Talk 4 Writing website