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Wiltshire 'My Plan'

My Plan / Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan


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What is a My EHC Plan?

Nationally, a My Plan will be known as an Education, Health and Care Plan. My Plans  replaced statutory educational statements from September 1st 2014.


My Plans are the means by which specialist education support is assessed for, planned for and captured.


My Plan is a holistic way of support planning for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This means they try to look at the whole young person, including their strengths and interests as well as their needs and challenges. Solutions to these challenges will focus on what is important to the young person and what is important for them, as well as capturing the views of their parents or carers.


Who has a My EHC Plan?

Young people with additional needs, who meet the criteria for statutory assessment and support will be assigned a Lead Worker and will have a My Plan.


Young people who do not meet the statutory threshold can have a My Support Plan to help them get the support they need.


How does the criteria for statutory support work?

All children and young people progress at different rates and within any class there will be a range of attainment levels or wider social outcomes.  This requires high quality class or subject teaching taking into account the individual needs of learners so that the curriculum can be delivered effectively.


Schools can also offer additional support either individually or in small groups for children and young people with special educational needs or disability.  This additional support in most cases will enable them to make more rapid progress.  The school SENCO will be able to describe to you what additional support is being given and how effective it is.


Some children or young people may fail to make adequate progress over time despite high quality individualised teaching and targeted school SEN support using evidence-based interventions from the resources normally available in the school.  It may then be appropriate to consider whether an assessment of their educational, health or care needs might be required.  This would normally be evidenced by a cycle of reviewed My Support Plans with the involvement of those with specialist knowledge and qualifications (e.g. education psychologists, advisory teachers, speech and language therapists).

This assessment may then conclude that the child or young person needs a different type or level of provision than the school is able to offer in a sustained way.  This additional or different provision will be described in a My Plan, which sets out what support is required for desired outcomes to be met.


Who will write a My EHC Plan?

My Plans will be written by Lead WorkersLead Workers will communicate with all the professionals and important people in a young person’s life to make sure they get a full picture of their life and needs. Lead Workers will work with the young person and their support network to write clear, individual outcomes.


What is an outcome?

An outcome is a goal that a young person wants to reach, that will help them live the kind of life they would like to live. Good outcomes focus on the end point rather than the steps along the way.


What will a My EHC Plan look like?

My Plans are person centred and outcome focussed. This means they are designed to focus on individual needs and prioritise the things that important to, and important for, an individual. If used properly, My Plans and My Support Plans should evolve with an individual.


How are My EHC Plans created?

If a young person’s family or educational setting has a concern about their unmet needs, they can request an assessment from us. If a young person meets our threshold for support, they will be given a Lead Worker, who will work with other professionals to create the My Plan, with the involvement of the young person and their family.

For more information, please download our guide ‘How a My Plan is created‘.


How long will it take?

The My Plan/EHC process takes 20 weeks in total and consists of a number of different stages.  To view this process please see the My Plan/EHC Plan Needs Assessment Timeline 2015


How are My EHC Plans reviewed?

My Plans should remain flexible and responsive to the needs of an individual as they change. However, they will be officially reviewed at least annually. Read more about annual reviews.


When will a My EHC Plan replace the statement of special educational needs?

If your child or young person currently has a statement, it will be converted to a My Plan (Education, health and care plan) in line with our transition plan, which focuses on children and young people approaching key transition points.

We have developed a proposed Statement to My Plan Conversion Timetable (updated for 2015-2016) for these arrangements and welcome your feedback.  Our team will make sure families are informed when a child or young person’s statement will be transferred. If you have any questions, please speak to your lead worker if you have one, or contact our single point of contact.


The link below will show you what a My EHC Plan will look like