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With faith we live, learn and grow together


We try our hardest in all we do.


We treat others how we would like to be treated.


We are fair.


We treat everyone with kindness.


We are brave in the face of new challenges.


We listen and forgive each other in order to move forward.

Year 1 - Ash Class


This week in our phonics sessions we will be looking at the alternative spellings for /oa/ and tricky words who and again. We will have a spelling test on Friday. Our spellings are snow, toad, who and again. 



As a reward for all the children's hard work this term, they can bring in a small toy on Wednesday 23rd October. This will be a great way to end the term with discussions about their toy and a great opportunity to develop our social skills; in particular - sharing.

The children are settling into Ash class well. They now know the class routines and expectations.We have very busy days with little time for self guided play. However, the 'Home Corner' is developing well and many of the children enjoy imaginary play in the Marina Café! 
Ash Class had an exciting visit from the police this week. They learnt all about the different items of clothing the police wear, and tried some on, found out some of the different roles the police perform, had their finger prints taken and looked at a police car with its lights flashing and sirens going! The children had some fantastic questions for the officers and learnt what to do if they ever got lost. Some children said it was the best day ever!
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