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Our next parent forum meeting is on Wednesday 29th March @ 9am


Together we can tackle child abuse   


The Trinity CE Primary Academy is supporting the national campaign organised by the Department for Education to encourage people to report any concern, no matter how small, of child abuse and neglect. If you're worried about a child please contact 0300 4560108 to report your concern.

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If you are concerned that a member of staff or a volunteer might be acting inappropriately use this flow chart


Worried about a child?


If you have concerns about a child please contact:


School - Any member of staff can help but Mr Wilson, Mrs Boud and Mrs Allender are the designated safeguarding leads 01380 730203


Wiltshire Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) 0300 4560108


Emergency Duty Service 08456070888 (5.30pm - 9.00am)


If a child is in immediate danger or left alone, you should contact the police or call an ambulance immediately on 999

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